What I'm Buying - Honeyville Spring Inventory Clearance

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
If you have a Honeyville Grain store near you, you are in luck!  They are having a Spring Inventory Clearance sale (in-store only) and the prices are fabulous!!

The sale is limited to stock on-hand, and a few of the things I wanted were already out when I got there, but there were still plenty of other great deals to be found.

Here's what I was able to pick up this morning:

  • (2) powdered butter, on sale 6.79 ea
  • (2) freeze dried colby cheese, on sale 12.29 ea (normally about $40/can)
  • (3) quick cook black beans, on sale 4.09 ea)
  • (4) freeze dried mozzarella cheese, on sale 11.89 ea (also normally about $40/can)
  • (4) chocolate soy milk, on sale 3.29 ea
  • (4) Irish Creme hot cocoa, on sale 1.09 ea (This is SO cheap! I should have gotten more...)
  • (1) jar powdered soy sauce, 5.90 (regular price)

Total: 125.05

Be watching for the cheese and the soy sauce powder in future posts - they will be going into some new meals in a jar recipes!