How to Tell When Canned Jam May Have Gone Bad

Monday, May 5, 2014
How to tell when canned jam may have gone bad...

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn't the same...

Same batch, canned the same day. Not sure what might have happened, but the dramatic color change is a fairly big indicator that something didn't go right. It is still sealed, with no bulging. I think there might be mold. I hate to lose the jar, but at this point, it isn't worth risking opening it and possibly contaminating my sink or counters, or other food, by releasing spores or bacteria (mold, botulinum toxin, etc.) into the air.

This batch isn't even a year old. And we just finished off some that was two years old without any issues. So, just remember to use your common sense and intuition when dealing with canned foods - look for clues. If it looks wrong, then it probably is, and it's safer to just get rid of it than risk getting someone sick.
Now, apparently I need to get working on some new strawberry jam for this year!  Good thing it's strawberry season!!!