What I'm Buying - Walmart Price-Matching 11/18

Monday, November 18, 2013
This week and next week will have some GREAT sales at the grocery stores in preparation for Thanksgiving! 

Every year at PinchingYourPennies, we do a comparison list of some of the common Thanksgiving meal ingredients and how all the sale prices match up across stores, so you can easily see at a glance what the best price is (and where) for each item.  As I was working on updating the list last night for the new sales ads starting today, I ran across several deals that I didn't want to miss.  But with three kids at home (we're on year-round school and are currently "off-track") there was NO WAY I was going to cart all of them to multiple stores without having a nervous breakdown.  So I opted to make one quick stop at Walmart and price-match!

Here's what I picked up:

(1) #10 can butter powder, 18.63 (good price, considering the same can online is 29.95)
(1) ground mustard powder, 3.83 (for food storage - running low on current one)
(1) ground turmeric, 4.98 (also for food storage - we use a lot of this in our favorite curry recipe)
(4) Libby's canned veggies, price matched to .50 (Macey's) and .25 after a 1.00/4 coupon
(6) GV frozen veggies, price matched to .79 (Macey's)
(14) GV whole berry cranberry sauce, price matched to .50 (Macey's - killer deal!)
(4) Silk Pure Almond milk, price matched to 2.49 (Smith's) and 2.15 after coupons
(6) GV powdered confectioner's sugar 2lb, price matched to .88 (Macey's)
(2) mini peeled carrots 2lb, price matched to 1.98 (Macey's)
(8) GV granulated sugar 4lb, price matched to 1.25 (Macey's)
(4) Challenge butter 1lb, price matched to 1.99 (Smith's) and 1.24 after coupons
(2) loaves GV wheat bread, 1.38 (hate having to pay for bread, but no time to make it myself this week)

Total:  $78.03

Minus the butter powder and the two spices, you're looking at only about $50 for all the rest of the groceries - not bad at all! 

This is the ONE time of the year when canned cranberry sauce goes on sale.  No, I do not use 14 cans worth on Thanksgiving (I actually make sauce from fresh cranberries for Thanksgiving), but I do use the canned stuff in a really great and really easy chicken recipe and in a salad or  side-dish occasionally, so I stock up each fall for my year's supply.  Now is also a great time to stock up on baking items, canned/boxed broth, stuffing mix and canned yams and pumpkin.  Still waiting for the best deal on canned pumpkin - that's the last thing left to get on my stock up list from the Thanksgiving sales!