Food Storage Meal - Ham Fried Rice

Monday, November 18, 2013
Tonight's meal comes courtesy of our food storage and some leftovers in the refrigerator!  :)  About once a month I will cook extra rice with a meal (we have a 10-cup Zojirushi rice cooker and LOVE it to death!!!!) so we have some ready specifically to make this meal.  It's comes together very quickly - even quicker when I just pull out some diced ham from the freezer.  We seem to be having a bit of a stomach bug going around today, so I didn't fix anything else to go with it.  But I don't know that you necessarily need anything else with it - it's got a meat, dairy, grain and vegetables all in one easy dish!  Tonight I also mixed up a box of brownie mix, and since I am running low on eggs, I used my powdered eggs instead of fresh.  ;)

Ham Fried Rice

1 c. diced cooked ham (I buy extra hams at Thanksgiving/Christmas and Easter, and then dice them up and store in Foodsaver bags in the freezer)
1/4 c. butter (can use oil instead if no fresh butter)
1 medium onion, finely chopped (I use 2 Tbsp. minced onions)
4 c. cooked rice
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
3 Tbsp soy sauce (yes, I keep this stuff in my food storage)
3 eggs (can use powdered eggs or powdered scrambled egg mix)
1-2 c. frozen peas & carrots mix

Melt butter in skillet; add meat and onion and cook 3 minutes.  Add rice, salt, pepper and soy sauce.  Mix thoroughly.  Stir in beaten eggs and frozen vegetables, and cook 5-10 minutes until rice is no longer "wet" and vegetables are heated through (or you can cook veggies in a separate pot or in microwave and then add at the end).