Blog vs RSS vs Facebook vs Twitter

Sunday, November 3, 2013
Ever feel like there are just too many media "mediums" to have to follow?  I'm incredibly upset that Google got rid of their Reader for RSS feeds.  I haven't found anything else I like quite as much, and so I have not been following any blogs lately because I no longer have an RSS feed on my home page. 

And THEN, as if that wasn't insult enough, Google decides to get rid of the iGoogle home pages!!!  So now I don't have a handy page where I can go to see my email, news feeds, other feeds, etc. all at once.  CURSE YOU GOOGLE!  :(  I'm a very dissatisfied customer...  (And no, NetVibes isn't quite the same.)

I have picked up a few of the RSS feeds that I used to follow in Google Reader by liking the pages in Facebook, but now my Facebook feed is constantly clogged with all of those additional posts.  At least with the reader I could pick and choose which posts I wanted to read and which I wanted to skip.  Even worse on my phone, because FB shows me EVERYTHING in my feed - people's comments, like, etc.  I've tried adjusting most of the settings I know of, but it still makes for a very clogged new feed.

Which brings me to a dilemma.  I've been posting more of the food storage stuff on my Facebook page because it seems to draw more readers.  And it is easier to stick up shorter, faster posts.  But then I feel like I'm leaving out all those who follow on the blog.  But if I post on the blog AND on FB, then everyone on FB gets a double dose of the posts and it turns into spam.  What to do???

Help me out!  Do you prefer following the posts on FB or the blog site?  Is it too confusing if I post some to one and not on the other?  (For example, short updates on FB, but not on the blog site.)  Do you follow the blog with an RSS reader?  What can I do to make these posts more accessible to you as a reader?  (Just don't say Twitter - the bird and I are NOT friends...)