Interesting Article - 3 Reasons Why Expiration Dates are Worthless

Thursday, October 10, 2013
Ran across this interesting article today in the local news. 

KSL News - 3 Reasons Why Expiration Dates are Worthless

I'm going to have to look up the original study and get more info.  But I do think I agree with what they found in the study.  I'm not one to be locked into rigidly keeping with expiration dates, and I also know that there is a difference between an "expiration" date and "best by" date and I keep that in mind when deciding whether to use an item or not. 

About the only thing that I really worry about expiration dates for is dairy products, and even then I use it as a "guideline".  In fact, I have some sour cream that I just used today that was perfectly good, even though it "expired" yesterday.  And I've been known to use yogurt WAY past the stamped date...  ;)  I generally let my eyes and nose by my guide, whether an item has reached its expiration date or not.  Because sometimes it goes bad even BEFORE that date!

What do you think of expiration dates?  Do you use them? Strictly adhere to them? Only use them as a guideline?

And did you know that bottled water must carry an expiration date, by law?  ;)