More tomato powder rescues!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Do you have it happen that you go for months and months without using something in your pantry that you always keep on hand, and then the minute you need it you're all out?!?

Ha ha - this is so me this week!  Thank goodness for the tomato powder!  I mean, seriously, what a strange coincidence.  I am NEVER without tomato paste in my pantry and food storage.  And I don't use it all that often - once or twice a month.  But in the last week I have needed tomato powder THREE times, and the shelves are still bare because I haven't gotten a chance to go to Costco to get more to restock.  Really, thank goodness for the tomato powder - it was worked beautifully this week.  For the third recipe I needed it in, my husband was helping make pizza sauce, and when we got to the part for the tomato paste I had to explain to him that we'd need to use the powered stuff because I was all out of the regular cans.  We mixed it up according to the correct ratio, and it looked, smelled and tasted just like the stuff in the small cans.  He even said, "Hey, this is handy stuff - why don't we keep this around all the time?"  Well, honey, we will definitely be keeping it around now.  :)

So, for any curious minds out there who want to know how to use this stuff, here is the handy-dandy mix chart:

For Tomato Paste:
2 pts powder to 1pt water (2:1)
6 T tomato powder + 3 T water = one 6oz can tomato paste

For Tomato Sauce:
1pt powder to 3pts water (1:3)
1/3 cup powder + 1 cup water = one 8oz can of tomato sauce
2/3 cup powder + 2 cups water = just a bit more than a 15oz can of tomato sauce

For Tomato Juice:
1pt powder to 10pts water (1:10)
3/4 cup powder + 8 cups water = one 64oz bottle tomato juice

Now, most of these types of food storage items are manufactured by only one or two companies, but are sold under various labels.  I don't know that one "brand" is necessarily better than another.  I've kinda just gone on price.  But so far I've only tried the stuff from Emergency Essentials.  I do have a #10 can of the tomato powder from Augason Farms, so when the little can runs out I'll open the bigger one and we'll see if we can tell any difference.  But for right now, I'm going to assume that they will be pretty much the same.  So for this, at least right now, don't worry about the brand - focus on price and size (whether you want it in small can or large can, price per ounce, etc.).