My favorite food storage!

Monday, January 7, 2013
You know how I'm always saying that there is no one right way to do food storage?  Well, it's true.  There are lots of ways to do food storage, and the BEST way to do it is however it works best for you and your family.  Each family will have different needs, so there really isn't one right plan for everyone.

But, there are a few WRONG ways to do food storage.  And one of those ways is to forget to add a few comfort or splurge items to your storage.  Generally speaking, if you're having to eat out of your food storage long-term, or are using your 72-hour kits, then you're most likely experiencing a little more stress than normal (natural disaster, emergency, loss of job, etc.) and that can take an emotional toll.  So make sure to include a few items for your emotional well-being in your storage.  It doesn't have to be big or expensive, but you'd be surprised how comforting something like a cup of hot chocolate can be when you are stressed or emotionally taxed.  Or even something as simple as a candy bar, especially when they are otherwise hard to come by.

One of my favorite things to do for food storage is search the after-Christmas sales when the stores throw all their Christmas candy and chocolates on clearance, and then take those and vacuum-seal them with my FoodSaver to add to my food storage.   Then we've always got some on hand if needed, etiher for a recipe or a quick party snack, or just for an emotional pick-me-up or to satisfy a sweet tooth!

These are Hershey's Kisses that I happened to find at Target last week for 50% off.  I took them out of their original packaging and just sealed them up in some FoodSaver bags.  Then they will go on the shelf in my food storage to be used as needed (or as wanted) throughout the year.
Your comfort item doesn't necessarily need to be chocolate.  Maybe you like certain candy bars, or a type of hard candy, or really enjoy a particular type of pudding. It doesn't need to be something big or fancy.  Just find one or two things that you could add to your food storage as a "splurge".  Maybe it's microwave popcorn, or beef jerky sticks. Trust me, if you're months into eating exclusively out of your food storage, you'll be glad you have a little something to splurge on or to break the monotony!