Another good emergency preparedness find at Costco!

Friday, December 21, 2012
Costco was brimming with great emergency preparedness deals this week!  The Murray location had roadshow displays from GoalZero and Volcano Grills.

Here's something you might want to keep your eye out for:

This is the Volcano II collapsible stove.  It works with charcoal, propane or wood as a fuel source.  It folds down in on itself when not in use and is very lightweight and portable.  It's great for camping, but also provides an alternative source for cooking in an extended power outage situation.

This particular package includes the stove, the carrying bag and the full propane attachment kit.  I've seen the stove itself go for about $100, and then you have to buy the propane kit separately.  But this one had all of that for $99.

We picked this up to use for camping and also as a backup for our solar oven (LOVE the sun oven, but can't get much use out of it on a cloudy or snowy day...).  I like the ability to use charcoal as the fuel source, as I feel better about storing it around kids than I do storing large quanities of flammable liquids/gases.

Can't wait for summer so we can try this out!  :)