Another good emergency preparedness find at Costco!

Friday, December 21, 2012
Costco was brimming with great emergency preparedness deals this week!  The Murray location had roadshow displays from GoalZero and Volcano Grills.

Here's something you might want to keep your eye out for:

This is the Volcano II collapsible stove.  It works with charcoal, propane or wood as a fuel source.  It folds down in on itself when not in use and is very lightweight and portable.  It's great for camping, but also provides an alternative source for cooking in an extended power outage situation.

This particular package includes the stove, the carrying bag and the full propane attachment kit.  I've seen the stove itself go for about $100, and then you have to buy the propane kit separately.  But this one had all of that for $99.

We picked this up to use for camping and also as a backup for our solar oven (LOVE the sun oven, but can't get much use out of it on a cloudy or snowy day...).  I like the ability to use charcoal as the fuel source, as I feel better about storing it around kids than I do storing large quanities of flammable liquids/gases.

Can't wait for summer so we can try this out!  :)

Another great 72-hr kit find!

Thursday, December 20, 2012
I found these little guys online at Kohl's last week!

Great for adding to our 72-hour kits.  They were on sale for $9.99, and with a 30% off coupon code, they were just $7 - shipped right to my door!  :)
I love that it separates into two parts, so you can use the utensils separately!  Knife and spoon on one side, fork and bottle opener on the other.  But they do lock together so you can use it all as one, too.
If you're interested:
They are on sale at this week for $8.99, and there is a 15% or 20% coupon code that you can use to save even more - with the 20% code it makes them $7.19!  They come in three colors - red, gray and pink.

Great emergency kit find at Costco!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HTI Hydropacks, 20ct

I have mentioned these little babies before very briefly, and they've been on my list of things to research further for awhile now.  Well, I was very surprised to walk down the aisle at Costco on Monday night after a doctor appointment and find them sitting there on a shelf staring back at me!  Hooray!  Needless to say, it didn't take long before they were in my cart, he he he...  :)

These are portable water filter pouches.  You can put them in any water source, and leave them for about 12 hours, and through osmosis they will filter incoming water and fill up.  They have an electrolyte-type mix (think: Gatorade) inside that flavors the water a little and helps with hydration.  Then you poke the included straw into the pouch just like a Capri-Sun and drink!

This bucket contains 20 pouches that will fill with 12-17oz of filtered water each.  The price at the Murray Costco was $24.99 (which is fabulous, considering that the next cheapest option I've found is $19.99 for 6 pouches).

These are destined for our 72-hour kits and also some will go in the car emergency kits as well.

[Please note that they do have an expiration date, but the bucket I bought on Monday doesn't expire until September 2018.]

Silence & Remembering

Monday, December 17, 2012

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
What a great Christmas video!!!  :)