What I'm Buying - Walmart, 11/17 (the Thanksgiving meal trip)

Saturday, November 17, 2012
I needed to get a few items to finish out my ingredients list for Thanksgiving, and there were a few deals I still wanted to grab, so I decided to head to Walmart today to price match.  I had planned on getting my turkey over at Smith's, because I wasn't sure Walmart would price-match it since they don't have a store brand for their turkey, but when I got there they had frozen Jennie-O turkeys for .69/lb, so I figured I would save myself the trip and just everything at one place!

Here's what I picked up:

(8) Sierra Mist 2-liter, price matched to .79 (Fresh Market/Peterson's)
(2) dozen large eggs, price matched to .99 (Fresh Market)
(2) bunches bananas, price matched to .45/lb (Ream's)
(2) GV dried cranberries, 4.88 (I was going to price match the Ocean Spray 5oz Craisins for 1.67 at Harmon's, but these ended up being cheaper)
(2) fresh sage, price matched to 1.99 (Smith's)
(2) fresh rosemary, price matched to 1.99 (Smith's)
(4) Johnsonville mild Italian sausage, 2.98 (2.48 after coupon)
(1) jar GV minced garlic, 4.48
(4) Libby's canned grean beans, price matched to .47 (Peterson's - .22 ea after coupon)
(6) Lindsay olives, price matched to .79 (Harmon's - minus a $1 off coupon)
(1) 2lb baby peeled carrots, price matched to 1.88 (Ream's)
(1) 22.5lb Jennie-O frozen turkey, 15.57 (.69/lb)
(6) GV cranberry sauce, price matched to .69 (Fresh Market)
(6) large onions, .48/lb
(3) huge bags of sweet potatoes, price matched to .33/lb (Ream's)
(2) Marie Calendar's pies, price matched to 3.99 (Peterson's - 3.24 after coupon - not pictured)
(1) Sara Lee apple pie, 2.98 (1.98 after coupon)
TOTAL:  $92.10
I did use coupons for the canned veggies, the olives, the sausage and the three pies.
It wasn't the cheapest trip ever, but I felt like I got the best deals possible on what I needed.  The turkey was a pretty big expense - I miss last year's $4 and $6 turkey deals at Smith's...  :(
For those in Utah, here is a comparison list on store prices for common Thanksgiving meal items:
Thanksgiving Meal Deals 2012 at PinchingYourPennies.com
[If you're in northern Utah and can get to Lee's, or are in an area where Walmart will price match Lee's prices, they've got some really great deals this week!]
I stocked up on cranberry sauce for use in recipes throughout the year, and I got the last 6 cans of Lindsay olives (.79 a can is the best price I have seen on these ALL YEAR).  I also got as many sweet potatoes as I thought they'd let me out of the store with.  ;)
So, just in case you're wondering (which you probably aren't, but I'm going to share anyway, he he he) here are my Thanksgiving recipes:
Pioneer Woman's Soul Sweet Potatoes (these are new this year - I made them last night and my husband informed me that if I even DARE think about having Thanksgiving without them, he will divorce me on the spot...they were THAT good, seriously)
Lion House Rolls - I make mine from scratch
We usually go really simple on the vegetable, like just frozen corn.  And since my family doesn't stick around for dessert, and I'm usually on my fourth round of ibuprofen by the time we sit down to eat, I'm opting to go for pre-made pies to make things easier on myself.