Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness is NOT for the end of the world...

Sunday, November 25, 2012
There has been a lot of talk lately about the end of the world, what with the whole Mayan calendar 2012 deal and other such theories, but I would like to gently remind us all that the gospel principle of preparedness is NOT for the end of the world, or some coming doomsday scenario.  Preparedness is a principle of self-reliance.  It is a principle of strength and wisdom, and also one of service.  I really like this quote by Bishop Brown.  Although this talk was given in 1976, I think it still applies today:

"For many years the Brethren from this pulpit have stressed and will continue to stress the need for personal and family preparedness. Personal responsibility is basic to the Lord’s plan. From some of the reports we receive, altogether too many members feel that home storage is the total program. May I remind you of the six elements of personal and family preparedness, all of which should be taught.

"They are: first, literacy and education; second, career development; third, financial and resource management; fourth, home production and storage; fifth, physical health; and sixth, social-emotional strength.
"Home production and storage is a very necessary element of personal and family preparedness; however, it is not the only element, nor is it necessarily the most significant element. Some people have reacted to the theme of preparedness as if it were a doomsday matter. In reality, all six elements of personal and family preparedness are to be emphasized so that the Latter-day Saints may be better prepared to meet the ordinary, day-to-day requirements of successful living.
"Our emphasis on this subject is not grounds for crisis thinking or panic. Quite the contrary, personal and family preparedness should be a way of provident living, an orderly approach to using the resources, gifts, and talents the Lord shares with us. So the first step is to teach our people to be self-reliant and independent through proper preparation for daily life."

(Victor L. Brown, "Welfare Services Essentials: The Bishops Storehouse," Ensign, Nov. 1976, pp. 112-113)


Anonymous said...

semplayiI love what you said!!!Would it be possible to use paraphrase what you said in my ward newsletter this sunday???

Candi said...

Certainly! But the important stuff was all said by Bishop Brown, so I can't take any credit for it. ;)