What I've Been Doing - Canning Pear Sauce!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Having an 8-month-old has not really left me a lot of time for canning this year.  But I did manage to sneak in just a bit this last Saturday!  I was able to get a box of some of the last of the Idaho Bartlett pears for the season (they were seriously the best pears I have ever eaten - EVER!) and needed to quickly find a way to use them before they all went bad.  I also wanted to can some stuff for baby food, so I decided to do pear sauce! 

It was super easy, and I did the entire box of pears in one afternoon with no problem.  I ended up with three jars of pear juice that I also canned (they are in the second to last row where you can't really see them).  I've never made pear sauce before (I've done applesauce lots, but not to can) nor have I even eaten before, but my kids loved it so I think this will become a yearly staple at our house!