Infant 72-hour Kit

Sunday, October 14, 2012 has taken me a little longer than I planned to get back to finishing this full post.  ;)  Sorry about that.

Here is what I pulled together for a 72-hour kit for my littlest one.  It is in a separate backpack because so many of the items (diapers, clothing, some of the food) needs to rotated on a MUCH more frequent basis than the stuff for the older kids or adults.  I figured it would be easier to keep up on it if it was a separate bag and I wasn't having to dig through the bigger packs to find all the various pieces that needed to be rotated.

Here's what I have gathered together for the littlest one's kit:

(1) cotton blanket
(1) fleece blanket
(2) sleep n' play outfits
(3) onesies
(3) socks
(1) hat
(15) disposable diapers
(10) cloth diapers
(4) diaper pins
(1) pkg baby wipes
(1) infant pain reliever drops
(1) baby hygiene travel set (baby powder, baby wash, baby shampoo, baby lotion, diaper cream)
(1) full tube diaper rash cream
(1) pkg pedialyte drink mix (for dehydration)
(1) baby glycerin suppository (for constipation)
(2) binkies
handful of small toys and teethers
(1) bowl and utensils
(2) bottles (1 of those uses the drop-in liners)
(1) roll drop-in bottle liners (easier to use in emergency situation and does not require as much water to wash the full bottle every time, just the top and nipple - they are stored IN the bottle in this picture)
(1) can baby formula (this was the smallest can I could get - we have to go with soy-based because of allergies, and they don't make the smaller cans or premixed stuff in the soy-based formula dang it)
(6) pouches pureed fruit/veggies
(1) box oatmeal cereal
(4) containers 2nd stage food
(1) jar Puffs snacks
(3) water bottles

This all fits inside the large backpack, but just BARELY!  I have all of the medicine and hygiene items in the hardsided first aid case you see in the pic, but am wondering if I should take it out and put it in a ziploc bag to same some room. 

If you're wanting to go lighter/less space, you could drop the disposable diapers all together and just go with the cloth diapers, use a smaller can of formula, find smaller container of cereal, or put a smaller amount in a ziploc bag or plastic food container, go with a smaller package of baby wipes, etc.

I may go through and modify this slightly.  I'd like to get a fleece sleeper now that it is getting colder, and maybe long-sleeve onesies.  It's still a work in progress, but it's much better than it was a few weeks ago, with all the items spread all over the house and garage in various locations!  ;)