Rose Canyon 4: CERT Training Opportunity

Monday, September 10, 2012
For those in the Herriman area:

A new Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class will be starting on Oct. 4 (?). Herriman City will reimburse the $30 registration fee and all who complete the course will also receive a free CERT backpack. Click link for more details and registration.

[The class on the Unified Fire website for October 4 is actually for Midvale.  The one in Herriman says it starts on October 2, so I think the date above may be a typo.]

It is a 5-night class, for 3 hours each night, plus there is a 4-hour online training you'll need to complete.

It's actually a really fun class with a log of great information and skills.  (Putting out fires, doing heavy debris lifting, learning search and rescue techniques and first-aid, etc.)

If you're interested, let me know and I will verify the correct start date or you can register online at the link above.