Food Storage 101: Water - How Much?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
I'm putting this step first because, of the four, I think it is the most important.  You can go days or sometimes weeks without food, but you can't go very many days without water.

Now, it is not very practical to store all of the water you would need for a long-term survival situation.  If you have a backyard pool, then count yourself lucky to have extra water storage!  :)  But for the rest of us, a two week supply will have to do.

SO - let's go over the basics.


You want to plan to store enough water for a minimum of 1 gallon per person, per day, for fourteen days (2 weeks).  That is fourteen gallons of water per person in your household.  This is reserved for drinking and cooking.  This would not really include much extra water for washing dishes or bathing. 

If space and resources allow, you could store extra.  Also keep in mind that you have a little bit of built-in extra water storage in your water heater and in the back tanks (NOT the bowl) of your toilets, that could be used for washing.  And if you have knowledge in advance that your water supply will be shut off, you can fill bathtubs for extra water.


Ted said...

How do you store your? Big containers or gallon size?

Candi said...

I will go over that in more detail in the next post. But the short answer is, I use several different container types.

I have a few cases of individual water bottles in the basement. Then I have about 10 of the 5-gallon hard-side "blocks" that we fill with water and keep outside in our shed. Then we also have two 55-gal drums we keep next to our shed. We also keep iodine tablets and bleach for water purification, along with two small water filters.