What I'm Buying - Macey's Case Lot Sale 8/3

Monday, August 6, 2012
So, this is the one I'm a little embarrassed to show you...I sorta went overboard on the case lot sale.  I don't usually buy much at these sales because I can get better prices throughout the year by watching deals and matching coupons.  But with the new babe, the deal scouring has been a little harder to come by the last 8-9 months, so I did stock up on this one.

Here's what I got:

(6) pkg Ball canning lids, on sale 1.55
(4) cans Festival pineapple tidbits, on sale .69
(4) Harvest Select frozen juice concentrate, on sale .79 (not pictured - in freezer already)
(24) Lindsay olives, on sale .99
(2) pkg MCP pectin, on sale 2.55
(12) WF black beans, on sale .49
(4) WF chili beans, on sale .49
(6) WF frozen peas, on sale .79 (not pictured - in freezer already)
(4) WF garbanzo beans, on sale .49
(24) WF great northern beans, on sale .49
(8) WF kidney beans, on sale .49
(12) WF peaches, on sale .79
(12) WF pears, on sale .79
(12) WF fruit cocktail, on sale .79
(4) WF pineapple chunks, on sale .99
(4) WF pineapple crushed, on sale .99
(8) WF diced green chiles, on sale .49
(48) WF turkey chili, on sale .89 (thank goodness for this stuff - it's dairy and beef free!!!)
(1) Fisher Boy family-size fish sticks, on sale 6.99 (not pictured - in freezer already)
(9) WF isopropyl alcohol, on sale .49 (for first-aid, and for making my own window cleaner and cold packs - more on this later)
(1) WF hydrogen peroxide, on sale .49

I didn't use any coupons on this trip.

Total:  $174.46

If you're new to case lot sales, or are just wondering what the best deals are, Valerie at Prepared LDS Family has a comparison chart to show you all of the items and the prices for the case lot sales compared to Sam's Club, Costco and the LDS Cannery.  It is a fabulous resource and she does an amazing job putting all the info together!

Now I just need Smith's to put their Hunt's ketchup in their upcoming case lot sale...  ;)