Scratching my head on this one...

Monday, July 2, 2012
There are a lot of great ideas out there for gadgets to assist us in emergencies.  Some are pure genius.  Some are literally potential lifesavers.  But then there are those that make you stop and ponder...and then scratch your head as you wonder, "Why...?"

This is one of those items...

The Wind'N Go Hand Crank shaver!  Don't be tied down and a slave to electrical outlets - now you can shave whenever and wherever you want.  It's true freedom!

Wind'N Go Shaver at eBay (just to prove that this really is an actual product for sale - and no, I don't think you should order one)

Maybe I just don't get it because I'm not a guy...  ;)

[Sorry folks - just needed a little humor in my day.  It was a tense weekend dealing with the wildfire.  I apologize if I have offended any hand-crank shaver owners.]