Plum jam results

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Well, here they are in all their glory!  :)

I thought they were looking great as of last night, but when I went to wash the jars this evening I noticed the "jam" was sloshing a little bit too much in the jars, so I think it didn't quite set properly, and now I have more of a plum "sauce"...

I actually did two batches.  The first was with the Ball FreshTech jam maker - I had no idea there was an actual jam-making machine!  It was pretty cool, and I liked it.  It did a fabulous job and turned out perfect jam (the four from that batch DID set properly).  It was nice to just dump all the stuff in the pot and then not have to touch it until it was done.  What I didn't like is that it only made a small amount - about half of a normal stove-top batch.  Not a big deal unless you're trying to do large amounts, and then it might become a pain because you have to wait 30 minutes inbetween batches for the machine to cool down.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to try a second batch because after the first one was done, the machine died.  We tried everything, but nothing worked.  It did one batch and then completely died!  I returned it to the store today, and I'm still on the fence about whether I want to get another one or not.  

My second batch I did on the stovetop, only because the jam machine broke.  We had all the stuff in the jam machine and went to plug it in to turn on, and no power, no lights, no nothin'.  So my plums and pectin sat in the machine for a good 15 minutes while we tried to see if we could get the machine to work.  I don't know if that's what caused the jam not to set properly or not, but it couldn't have helped...I'm not tossing these out, but not sure I want to run them again to try to get them to set.  I may just keep them as "sauce" - know of any good recipes that call for plum sauce?