Lesson Learned

Saturday, July 7, 2012
It's late, and I've been up for oh, about 19 hours now...not sure if I'm still coherent, but just wanted to jot down my experience today. 

I had what I thought was a great recipe for a meal in a jar, and I bought the ingredients a few weeks ago to make some up.  It looked good and seemed very simple to make.  I figured it would go over well with my kids and would be a good item to have around for breakfasts.

So today, before I sealed up a whole bunch of jars of this recipe, I made one batch just to try.  Good thing I did, because NO ONE WOULD EAT IT...Argh!!!  My kids turned their noses at it, and while my husband did eat some, he was definitely not excited about doing so. 

So, now I have a 25# bag of one of the ingredients, that no one in my family will eat...what a waste of money that could have gone to other items that my family WILL eat. 

I know better, but I forgot one of the cardial rules of food storage - STORE WHAT YOU EAT!  And before storing or purchasing anything in large amounts, make absolutely SURE it is something that you already use in your regular meals, or that it is something you know for SURE that your family will eat.