FoodSaver to the Rescue!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
A few weeks ago I bought some large bags of popcorn and rolled grains at Honeyville Grains.  Great buys, but not exactly packaged for long-term storage.  And I've had too many things going on lately to mess with renting the portable canner and getting call in my FoodSaver to the rescue!

I went to IFA (my new favorite store for canning stuff - they have EVERYTHING) and bought a few sets of half-gallon mason jars.  I had two 5-gallon buckets already as well as a few gamma lids.  So I opened the big bags and put most of each bag in a bucket with a gamma seal lid.  The leftovers went in the mason jars and were vacuum-sealed with my FoodSaver and the jar attachment.  Super fast, easy, and now they are protected for slightly longer storage.  It was a great option for me - not sure they'll stay in these forever, but at least they will be properly stored until I get around to getting the canner again. 

This is also a good option for my corn meal as well, which is still sitting downstairs in just the paper packaging...I use this same technique for storing brown sugar and chocolate chips as well, in smaller jars, and it works great!