Food Storage Group Buy Info for July

Sunday, July 8, 2012
Rose Canyon folks:  The food storage for July is being taken care of by the Young Women.  They will be going to the home storage center (cannery) and canning items there.  They are passing around the sign-up sheets at church.  Please make sure you have payment turned in to the bishopric on a tithing slip by Sunday, July 22.

For those who ordered in June, I have the broccoli but have not gotten the pinto beans or wheat yet - I will be getting those this week. 


Alisa Didenhover said...

Can you post the list of what they are doing and the prices? I didn't get to see the list today. Thanks!

Candi said...

They are doing 5 items:

Rice, 3.85
Milk, 8.60
Sugar, 4.50
Apple slices, 5.70
Potato flakes, 3.25