What I'm Buying - YFSM, 6/14

Monday, June 18, 2012
We drove down to Vegas this last weekend to attend a family wedding, and we got a chance to stop at a little food storage place in St. George, called "Your Family Still Matters".  They are a little store in a strip-mall, but they have just about everything you could possibly want for food storage or emergency preparedness!

I had to limit what I got because we didn't have a lot of room in the car with luggage and such, but here's what I got:

(2) cans soy milk powder, 16.99
(2) cans soybeans, 8.19
(1) can quick cook red beans, 11.89
(1) can quick cook navy beans, 11.89

Total:  $76.36

The quick-cook beans are for some additional dinner-in-a-jar ideas...still haven't gotten a chance to make them up yet, but I will soon.

The soy milk powder is for those in my family with dairy allergies, and it is hard to find.  I have one or two cans that I got from Augason Farms awhile back, but they have stopped carrying it, so I was very excited to find it at this store!  And the soybeans are for making my own soymilk, so that I have various options.  I plan to get a big 50lb bag of soybeans and can them so I'll have plenty in my storage.