What I'm Buying - Harmons, 5/31

Friday, June 1, 2012
Well, the "what I'm buying" is going to be a whole bunch of nothing here after my trip to Harmon's last night because I'm now broke...I spent $180 on 8 bags of groceries!  Egads!!!  It was so bad, I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture to add to my post.  I feel like I've lost my frugal-ness somwhere - holler if you happen to find it for me, okay?

[The amount was so high because I have been buying a lot of specialty items for our dairy-free diet.  Who knew it was so expensive to have a food allergy!?!?  I guess the allergy isn't expensive, it's the buying the prepackaged stuff to accomodate the allergy that is expensive.  There are ways to make some of this stuff on my own from scratch, which will save quite a bit of money, so looks like I need to do some research and find some recipes!  Do any of you have food allergies, and if so, how has it affected your food storage?]


Anonymous said...

We have no food allergies in my family but food prices have me down. especially for meat. I did have fun with the recent kroger sale. good stock up prices on several things. and then I used the cats on produce and milk.


Candi said...

Yeah, I have to agree. The deals just aren't the same recently. It used to be that a really good trip for me was $40 or less - now it's more like $60-$70, and that's when I'm really trying.

Last week's Kroger sale was one of the first really good ones I've seen in months - hope they will have more coming in the future!

Julene said...

I am a huge couponer too and it got me into food storage as well, but lately I have been so frustrated with the "deals". Sometimes I just want to shop like everybody else ;) and just fill my cart with what I need at the moment. And I have noticed how much higher my food bills have been. It is really a testament to me of why I have been stockpiling for the last few years. It is coming in handy now! I do have a nut allergy but I simply buy things without nuts in them. I can't imagine a dairy allergy, I hope it gets easier somehow for you!