Sun Oven - Wheat Bread

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Today's experiment with the sun oven was to bake bread. 

I sat the oven out in the sun to pre-heat while my dough was rising inside.  I was a little worried because we've had fairly strong winds today and occasional cloud cover.  But when it was time to stick the bread in, the oven had already hit 350F so it was good to go. 

It worked brilliantly!!!  I put two loaves in the indoor oven at the same time, but I let the sun oven loaf bake for about 20 minutes longer.  No problem - no burning, no scorching, no over-cooking.  I'm fairly certain I could have left the loaf in for the rest of the afternoon and it would have been totally fine.

The ONE thing that I've heard you do have to be careful with in the sun oven is cookies - and those CAN burn, or at least over-cook.  But pretty much everything else is safe from burning or overcooking.  Nice!!!

Overall I'm extremely pleased with the results from the sun oven!  I love it, and am glad to have it.  It does impart just a tiny hint of a strange "smell" to the food, and I'll have to look into that - most likely just off-gasing because it is new, and with use that will dissipate (I hope).

BUT - I do want to stipulate that this is on the more expensive side as far as food storage/emergency preparedness gadgets go.  It is NOT a necessity - just a nice option.  It's more in the "advanced" food storage range, meaning that this is something you would look into purchasing only after you've already acquired your year supply of food.