Free First Aid Bag at Target

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Target has started up their summer first-aid promo again...Buy three participating items and get a free first-aid bag!

I've done these promos a few times in previous years and so I have most everything I need, but I was able to find something a little different included in this year's promo.  Along with the assorted bandages, gauze pads, tape and Neosporin, they also had these little accessory kits that included a pair of scissors, tweezers and a mini flashlight.  (Don't let the "mini-" fool you - is is quite a powerful little light!)

They were priced at 3.49, so I picked up three of them to add to our various first-aid kits and then got the free bag.  Total was just over $11 with tax.

If you haven't gotten first-aid kits for your home, car or 72-hour kits, this promo can be a great way to start!  There are several items included in the promo - check your local store for details.