Rose Canyon 4th Ward - Food Storage Purchases for May 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012
For those in the Rose Canyon 4th Ward, here are the food storage purchase options for May 2012.  Sign-up sheets are passed around on Sundays in Sunday School and also in Relief Society.  For those who are not in those classes, feel free to contact me directly with your order or leave a comment below.  We will do payments the same way as Debby had them set up - please use a donation slip, make checks payable to "Rose Canyon 4th Ward", put "Food Storage" in the Other box on the slip, and turn in your money to a member of the bishopric.

Payments need to be in by Sunday, May 20.  (I cannot place your order until your payment has been turned in.)

May 2012 Food Storage Purchases:

Tote-able Toilet Seat & Lid
Fits on a standard 5-gallon bucket (but bucket not included)

Price:  $6.00
(We need to have a minimum of 10 orders to get it for this price.)

Freeze Dried Peach Chunks, 17oz
Comes in a #10 can

Price:  $15.00

Freeze Dried Banana Dices, 16oz
Comes in a #10 can

Price:  $14.00