Step 3: Make Disaster Kits

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
I've posted on this one plenty of times before - make sure you have at least a basic disaster kit ready to go for your home/family!

You can do it for free and in as little as 15 minutes - I promise! Here's how...The (Free) 15-Minute 72-Hour Kit (and handout)

Remember folks, ANY preparation you do is better than NO preparation at all! Even if all you have is a can of Diet Coke and a roll of toilet paper in a plastic grocery sack, it's better than nothing, and it just might save your life!

Once you've got a basic kit together, then work on adding to it - here are some posts with additional ideas and info on what I'm working on with our family's kits.

Here's the Make A Disaster Kit focus sheet with info and instructions.

And here are additional links with info or item lists for making disaster/72-hour/grab-and-go/bug-out kits:
Personal and household supplies kits
Recommended supplies list from
Basic disaster supplies kit from

Here are some ideas on additional options when you are ready to expand your kits:
Adult Kit Food: Menu sample 1
Adult Kit Food: Menu sample 2
Child Kit Food: Menu sample 1
Hygiene kit
First-aid supplies


Kelly T, that's me! said...

Thanks! This is great!!!

Mediamaid said...

Without reading in detail, all lists listed, PLEASE do not forget to pack the means to place you in a pleasant place emotionally, spiritually, or intellectually - what ever word you choose, choose the means to those words, a simple letter from that special one, well before you need them - for comfort at any time is a gift, and is best reflected when you lean on them for casual comfort. I pray, for you, that stresses of the day and pressures of the past and future stay at bay.