Food Storage Find: Organic Heirloom Seeds at Costco

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am not a gardener. Never have been. But I'm trying.

I did okay for most of the summer last year with my two small tomato plants on my deck. The cucumbers, well, they didn't fair so well. But that wasn't my fault - once the first wind storm hit and broke off half of the plant, there was just no recovering.

My little planter boxes of herbs and peppers didn't do so well. I nursed them along as much as I could, but then another wind storm came up and I forgot to take them inside, and the planter boxes fell off the deck and it was lights out for the plants. [Yeah, we get a lot of strong winds here.]

Despite my lack of a green thumb, I do however understand the importance of knowing the basics of gardening and having some seeds put away in food storage in case the need ever arises to have to grow some of my own food. So I was VERY excited to find these little beauties at Costco this last weekend!

It is a packet of organic heirloom seeds - most of the basics of what you would want to put in a starter garden. It contains seeds for:

- beets
- carrots
- cucumbers
- lettuce mix
- onions
- peppers
- squash
- swiss chard
- tomatoes [beefsteak, roma and cherry]
- sweet basil
- cilantro
- peas

I don't think they are vacuum-packed, but the package is hermetically sealed, so I think that if kept in a cool, dry, dark place they might have a pretty decent shelf life. And there was an instant rebate, making the package 19.99 if I remember correctly.

So now I have some seeds to keep with my food storage, and since they are heirloom, I can grow the plants, harvest the seeds and use them again the next year, and so on.

I'm very tempted to go back and get another one and use the seeds in a "real" garden this year!