Shelf-Stable Milk Spotted at COSTCO!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Guess what I found at Costco a few weeks ago...

This is a box of a dozen quarts of shelf-stable 2% milk. It was about $14.50ish. I am SOOOO excited to see this because now I can rotate some of my UHT (ultra-high temp pasteurized, aka "shelf-stable") milk without having to drive all the way to Logan to hit up the Gossner's store! It's great to have a local resource for this stuff now.

I don't keep a ton of this in food storage, but it is nice to have a dozen or so quarts on hand. We took a few with us on our vacation last fall to use with breakfasts in the hotel room, and we've used a few boxes here and there when we've inadvertantly run out of fresh milk and haven't had time to get to the store.

[I also keep a box or two of the Kirkland brand shelf-stable soy milks in food storage since we have a son who is dairy-allergic. I normally buy the refrigerated stuff from the grocery store for his regular daily use, and we prefer to go with almond milk nowadays, but the shelf-stable soy milk is a great back up!]