Radon - When to Worry

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
KSL News will be doing a piece on the dangers of radon in homes tonight on the 10pm news.

We did our second round of radon testing a few weeks ago, and got the results back - the levels were even HIGHER than the first round! This time, the main floor and even the 2nd floor tested at 8 TIMES the recommended safe limit.

We've already had the radon mitigation company out here for an estimate, and we've decided that this is definitely something that we need to take care of. Now we're just needing to clean the junk out of the basement so they can come in and seal the foundation. Anyone want to volunteer to help with the cleaning? ;)

For all my friends in Utah, and even those of you outside of Utah, I STRONGLY encourage you to look into the radon risk for your area. For most of Utah, the risk is high enough that you really need to get your home tested. It is easy and cheap. Don't wait - do it now.