What I'm Buying - Reams 1/4

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Had a few things on my list for Ream's this week - usually with a list this small I would probably be lazy and just price-match at Walmart. But the produce at Walmart is almost always sub-par in my experience. So, I opted to go right to Ream's, since I also wanted to grab a few things at Macey's, which is (relatively) close by.

I apparently was hungry when I went, because I ended up with a few things that weren't on my original list... ;)

(2) Reese's pb cups 18oz size, reduced to 3.50
(2) Hershey's chocolates large bags, reduced to 3.50
(1) Nestle Crunch minis, reduced to 2.50
(12) Hunt's SnackPak puddings, on sale .98 (.87 ea after coupon)
(2) WF real mayonnaise 30oz, 2.89 (we were totally out)
(6) Marie Calendar's croutons, on sale .99
(3) green leaf lettuce, on sale .79 ea
roma tomatoes, on sale .78/lb
large braeburn apples, on sale .99/lb

I used (4) .45/3 coupons for the puddings [see SS-1/1].

Total: $48.82

Don't know what possessed me to grab the candy, especially since I can't eat it with my gestational diabetes...but I do plan to vacuum seal it and put it in food storage to be used throughout the year for deserts for classes, parties, etc.