What I'm Buying - Macey's 1/4

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
While I was out today, I grabbed a few things at Macey's. Some were on my list, some were not. ;)

(4) Betty Crocker berry muffin mix, on sale .89
(6) Guittard mint chips, on sale 1.49
(8) Pillsbury reduced-fat crescent rolls, clearanced to .50
(6) Pillsbury crescent dough full sheets, clearanced to .50
(2) WF chili beans, on sale .59
(2) WF great northern beans, on sale .59 (I wanted more, but they were completely out)
(2) Don Julio tortillas, on sale .88
(6) frozen tilapia fillets, on sale 2.99/lb
(2) bunches bananas, on sale .50/lb
(4) cucumbers, on sale .44 ea
(2) 2lb strawberries, on sale 2.99
(1) mango, 1.29
(1) red onion, .37
(4) green bell peppers, on sale .44 ea
(1) red bell pepper, 1.69 (holy cow!)

I didn't use any coupons - there were probably some for the crescent rolls and the muffin mix, but they were unexpected finds and not planned in advance, so no coupons with me.

Total: $44.35

The tilapia, mango, onion and red bell pepper are for Grilled Tilapia with Mango Salsa and the crescent rolls will be used for Taco Pizza and Baked Apple Dumplings, among other things! :)