Fun Clearance Finds!

Monday, December 26, 2011
I avoid Black Friday like the plague...But the day after Christmas is one of my favorite times to shop. I love the after-Christmas clearance deals! In fact, the week after Christmas and the first week or two of January are AWESOME for all kinds of clearance deals on all kinds of things - clothes, coats, gifts, health & beauty stuff, holiday decor, toys, etc.

And every year is a little bit different - I never know what I'll find. There are some deals that come around pretty much every year, and then there are others that just sorta pop up out of nowhere. Here are some of the fun finds I got this morning at Walmart and Target.


Ziploc storage and freezer bags, Holiday Limited Edition
Normal price: 2.88
Clearance price: 1.13 (these were not marked as clearance on the shelf, but did ring up on clearance price)
Use Ziploc Bags, any $1/2 (1-14-12) SS-12/4
or Ziploc products, any $1.50/2 (2-20-12) SS-11/20
Final price after coupon: .63 each (less if you use the SS-11/20 coupon)

Gillette Fusion ProGlide gift set + Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power 4pk cartridges
Normal price: 10.00 for gift set, 17.47 for cartridges
Clearance price: 5.00 for gift set
Use Gillette Fusion ProGlide Cartridge 4 ct. or larger, Buy 1 Get $5.00/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor (12-31-11) PG-11/27
Final price after coupon: FREE for gift set

I needed to buy the razor blades anyway, so I waited until after Christmas when I knew these gift sets would be half off and then used the coupon to get them free with my blade purchase. Not a stellar deal on the blades, but at least I got free stuff with it!

There is also a second Gillette Fusion ProGlide gift set that has a full-size deodorant and a thermal face scrub included, normally 15.00 and now clearanced to 7.50 - use the same scenario above and get the gift set (scrub, razor, body wash and deodorant) for 2.50 with purchase of blades.

I also got a few toys and stocking-stuffer kinds of things for the kids with all their holiday sets and certain toys on 50% off!


Pillsbury Holiday Funfetti cake mix, clearanced to .84

Kellogg's PopTarts Holiday Gingerbread, clearanced to 1.07

Betty Crocker Snickerdoodle cookie mix, clearanced to .86
Use Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, any flavor 17.5 oz. or larger pouch .40/1 (12-31-11) SS-11/6 or SS-11/13 or SS-12/11
Final price after coupon: .40 ea

Oreo Cookies Winter Red edition, clearanced to 1.49

Nivea For Men gift set, clearanced to 4.99

There are lots of other deals out there besides just these, including Reynolds wrap (holiday design), hand soaps, Betty Crocker cake mixes, paper plates and cups, and other holiday-themed grocery items. And the Target I went to this morning had quite a bit of toys already marked to 30% off, with a few of the store brand items already at 50% off!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix from Food Storage

Thursday, December 22, 2011
I saw this recipe on Mel's Kitchen Cafe yesterday, and just HAD to try it since we ran out of the Stephen's stuff this week.

I loved that all the ingredients were already on-hand from my food storage. Because of all the dairy, I unfortunately cannot touch the stuff, but my husband had some and said it was good - very creamy. He likes his a little sweeter, so next batch I think I'll add just a bit more white chocolate chips and maybe another half cup or so of powdered sugar.

HOWEVER, I did have a question as to which form of "powdered" milk she used - the nonfat dry stuff (like you can get at the LDS canneries), or the "instant" kind (like Carnation) that you can pick up at the store. I used the nonfat dry stuff from the cannery, and it turned out fine (because at the time it wasn't clear which she used). BUT, in reading some comment responses on her blog post this morning, she says she used the instant kind, which probably accounts for the difference in sweetness.

So, if you want to use your nonfat dry stuff (good way to rotate it), you may want to up the sweetness just a little. Maybe I'll make up a batch with the instant stuff and have the hubs do a side-by-side comparison...

And because of the difference between the nonfat dry and the instant (one is approximately twice as "concentrated" as the other), if you use the nonfat dry, you can probably get away with making this up with water instead of milk. Will have to try that tonight.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix recipe

Oh, and if you've never visisted Mel's Kitchen Cafe, I highly recommend it - I get some of the greatest recipes from her site and not a single one has let me down yet!

More Ideas on Food Storage Gifts

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Great article at on Food Storage Gifts That Make A Difference.

What I'm Buying - Walmart 12/19

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Ended up doing more price matching at Walmart yesterday - short on time and could't get to several different grocery stores this week, so I opted to get the deals at Walmart. Which, in my previous area, would have been unthinkable as my local Walmart was NOT coupon-friendly or price-match friendly. But the Walmart here in our new area has got to be one of the BEST for price-matching! My cashier even gave me some price-matches that I didn't even know about - SCORE!!!

Here's what I picked up:

(2) bags red seedless grapes, price matched to .79/lb (as told by cashier)
(3) Jack Link's beef jerky, 3.92
(1) Great Value soft taco tortillas, on sale .88
(2) Great Value white bread, 1.00
(2) green leaf lettuce, 1.48
(1) bag Snickers fun size bars, price matched to 2.00 (as told by cashier - for a school project - 1.50 after coupon)
(1) bag Milky Way fun size bars, price matched to 2.00 (as told by cashier - got a second bag so I could use coupon - 1.50 after coupon)
(2) Trop50 orange juice, 2.98
(8) Pillsbury cake mixes, price matched to .89 (Fresh Market)
(14) cans Dole pineapple, price matched to .89 (Macey's - .64 after coupon)
(4) Diet Sierra Mist 2-liters, price matched to .79 (as told by cashier - or .99 at Fresh Market)
(2) Jelly Belly candy canes boxes, 2.00 (for preschool class party)
(2) Duct packaging tape, 1.00 (free after coupon)
(4) Diet Sierra Mist 12-pk, price matched to 2.50 (Smith's)
(2) Great Value whole milk, price matched to 1.39 (as told by cashier)
(15) Great Value frozen veggies 16oz, price matched to .65 (Macey's, Fresh Market)

I used (7) .50/2 coupons for the pineapple [see SS-11/6], (2) 1.00/1 printable coupons for the tape [can't find where I got them from], and (1) 1.00/2 coupon for the chocolate bars [see RP-12/4].

Total: $75.36

What I'm Buying - Smith's 12/19

Had a few things to pick up at Smith's yesterday. Not a huge savings though.

(2) Cottonelle Clean bath tissue 12 double pack, on sale 6.49 (5.74 after coupon)
(1) chuck roast super saver pack, 2.99/lb
(4) Diet Sierra Mist 12pk, on sale 4 for $10
(2) 3lb Cuties, on sale 3.99 (3.64 after coupon)
(2) green leaf lettuce, 1.29
(1) shredded carrots, 1.39
(2) Oscar Mayer chicken, clearanced to 2.99

I used (2) .75/1 printable coupons for the bath tissue [can't remember where I got them from now] and (2) .35/1 coupons for the Clementines [see SS-12/4].

If you need Cuties, and have a SuperTarget around, go there for a better deal - they have the 5lb box for 4.99 this week, plus there is a .55/1 coupon, so 4.44 total - much better deal that Smith's!

Total: $54.21

What I'm Buying - Target 12/19

Quick trip to Target yesterday to grab some deals on turkey and ham. And some toddler sippy cups!

Here's what I got:

(2) Market Pantry frozen turkey breast, on sale .99/lb
(1) Archer Farms spiral-sliced honey ham, on sale 1.89/lb
(1) 5lb box Clementines, on sale 4.99
(1) Scrabble card game, on sale 3.99
(1) 2-pk Playtex no-spill cups, 7.49 (reg price)
(1) 1-pk Playtex no-spill cup, 2.49 (buy 1 get 1 50% off)

There is a coupon for the Clementines, but I didn't have it with me (wasn't expecting to find them on sale).

I used (2) 2.00/1 printable Target store coupons for the cups [see coupons at], and (2) 2.00/1 printable manufacturer coupons for the cups [register at]. Made it 1.98 for all three, or .66 per cup!

You could also get two of the single packs, and pay about .34 per cup (use only one store coupon though).

Total: $46.49

What I'm Buying - Walmart 12/7

Saturday, December 10, 2011
Sometimes I get great deals at the grocery store, sometimes I don't. This was one of those off weeks. But there weren't really any great sales at any other stores, either, so I did the best I could. Here's what I picked up:

(2) Great Value vanilla wafer cookies, 1.78 ea
(3) Great Value graham crackers, 1.64 ea
(2) bags red seedless grapes, 1.28/lb
(1) Hormal spiral sliced ham, 16.57
(2) Great Value tortillas, 1.48 ea
(1) honey ham lunch meat, 6.48
(1) turkey lunch meat, 3.98
(1) roll storage tape, 3.24
(1) gallon whole milk, 2.38
(1) summer sausage link, 4.98
(3) fall cookie/cake sprinkles, clearanced to 1.00 ea
(2) bunches bananas, .52/lb
(2) Kikkoman panko bread crumbs, 1.58 ea (free after coupon)
(1) Diet A&W rootbear 20oz, 1.48 (not pictured 'cuz I drank it on the way home)
(1) 2lb bag baby peeled carrots, price matched to 1.98
(12) roma tomatoes, price matched to .88/lb
(2) heads green leaf lettuce, price matched to .88 ea
(2) green onions, price matched to .39 ea
(8) limes, price matched to .10 ea
(2) dozen eggs, price matched to 1.25 ea
(9) Scotch single roll Magic tape, price matched to .69 (.36 after coupon)

I used (2) 3.00/1 printable coupons for the panko breadcrumbs (no longer available), and (3) 1.00/3 coupons for the Magic tape [see SS-8/7].

Total: $80.04

Not great, but not too bad considering there is a ham in there and quite a few items not on sale and without coupons. I'm having a hard time adjusting to this hopefully temporary diabetic diet, and finding that I am totally addicted to carbs! If I don't have handy sources of protein around, I tend to eat heavier on the carb side and mess up my blood sugar, so the lunch meat, ham, eggs and summer sausage are attempts at having some easy proteins around for lunches and snacks. I'm still struggling with the eating 6 times a day though - I can barely fit in 3 or 4 meals/snacks, let alone 6!

What I'm Buying - Target 12/7

Thursday, December 8, 2011
Just a quick trip to pick up two items at Target today (which then turned into 5 know how that goes):

The baby gift sets were ringing up at 4.49, down from 9.99. They are not marked that way on the shelf, but I took them over to the scanner just to double-check, and sure enough, 4.49! There are 4 different ones - Johnson's Baby regular, Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath and the two Aveeno sets in the picture.

There was a 3.00/1 printable coupon good for any Johnson & Johnson Baby gift set, but they were out about 2 minutes after I printed mine. But there is a 2.00/2 printable coupon good for Johnson's Bedtime Bath items available here at the Johnsons Baby site (you'll need to register). NOTE: If you want to use this coupon, you'll need to buy TWO (2) Bedtime sets - each set counts as one single item.

But even if you don't use the coupon, I think 4.49 is still a fabulous deal for these! Makes it about 1.50 per item.

I also picked up some of the new Triaminic Fever Reducer - there is a great stack of store coupon and manufacturer coupon available.

Use: 1.00/1 Triaminic children's medicine, Target web coupon
Also use: Triaminic Fever Reducer Pain Reliever product, any $3/1 (2-15-12) SS-12/4
Final: 1.04 + tax

So my whole shopping trip was:

(1) Johnson & Johnson Baby Bedtime Bath gift set, on sale 4.49 (1.49 after coupon)
(2) Aveeno Baby gift sets, on sale 4.49
(2) Triaminic Fever Reducer, 5.04 regular price (1.04 after coupons)

Total after coupons: $14.03

Posts coming ... I hope

Sorry folks - I have been absolutely slammed at work the last few days and haven't had a chance to write up any posts. I did find two great deals at Target yesterday, and I promise I will post them as quickly as I can.

Food Storage for Christmas!

Friday, December 2, 2011

There is a great article in today's Deseret News about food storage gifts for Christmas! Check it out HERE.

More Gluten-Free Recipe Ideas

Thursday, December 1, 2011
I ran across another great blog the other day when I was looking for inspiration on making holiday pillow covers. (Long story, but we did the Christmas tree in blues this year, and the pillows on the couches in that room are a burnt red and just clash like crazy with the tree, and so I figured I could sew a few simple pillow covers with some blue fabric.) I headed to the site for crafty inspiration, but then noticed that there were a few gluten-free recipes - things like pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread!

So, for those of you on gluten-restricted diets, check it out at:

Design, Dining and Diapers

I'm always watching out for my gluten-free peeps out there!

Now, if I could just find a recipe for pumpkin bread that fits in, in large quantities, in a diabetic diet, because I can never eat just one piece... ;)