What I'm Buying - Walmart 12/7

Saturday, December 10, 2011
Sometimes I get great deals at the grocery store, sometimes I don't. This was one of those off weeks. But there weren't really any great sales at any other stores, either, so I did the best I could. Here's what I picked up:

(2) Great Value vanilla wafer cookies, 1.78 ea
(3) Great Value graham crackers, 1.64 ea
(2) bags red seedless grapes, 1.28/lb
(1) Hormal spiral sliced ham, 16.57
(2) Great Value tortillas, 1.48 ea
(1) honey ham lunch meat, 6.48
(1) turkey lunch meat, 3.98
(1) roll storage tape, 3.24
(1) gallon whole milk, 2.38
(1) summer sausage link, 4.98
(3) fall cookie/cake sprinkles, clearanced to 1.00 ea
(2) bunches bananas, .52/lb
(2) Kikkoman panko bread crumbs, 1.58 ea (free after coupon)
(1) Diet A&W rootbear 20oz, 1.48 (not pictured 'cuz I drank it on the way home)
(1) 2lb bag baby peeled carrots, price matched to 1.98
(12) roma tomatoes, price matched to .88/lb
(2) heads green leaf lettuce, price matched to .88 ea
(2) green onions, price matched to .39 ea
(8) limes, price matched to .10 ea
(2) dozen eggs, price matched to 1.25 ea
(9) Scotch single roll Magic tape, price matched to .69 (.36 after coupon)

I used (2) 3.00/1 printable coupons for the panko breadcrumbs (no longer available), and (3) 1.00/3 coupons for the Magic tape [see SS-8/7].

Total: $80.04

Not great, but not too bad considering there is a ham in there and quite a few items not on sale and without coupons. I'm having a hard time adjusting to this hopefully temporary diabetic diet, and finding that I am totally addicted to carbs! If I don't have handy sources of protein around, I tend to eat heavier on the carb side and mess up my blood sugar, so the lunch meat, ham, eggs and summer sausage are attempts at having some easy proteins around for lunches and snacks. I'm still struggling with the eating 6 times a day though - I can barely fit in 3 or 4 meals/snacks, let alone 6!