Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix from Food Storage

Thursday, December 22, 2011
I saw this recipe on Mel's Kitchen Cafe yesterday, and just HAD to try it since we ran out of the Stephen's stuff this week.

I loved that all the ingredients were already on-hand from my food storage. Because of all the dairy, I unfortunately cannot touch the stuff, but my husband had some and said it was good - very creamy. He likes his a little sweeter, so next batch I think I'll add just a bit more white chocolate chips and maybe another half cup or so of powdered sugar.

HOWEVER, I did have a question as to which form of "powdered" milk she used - the nonfat dry stuff (like you can get at the LDS canneries), or the "instant" kind (like Carnation) that you can pick up at the store. I used the nonfat dry stuff from the cannery, and it turned out fine (because at the time it wasn't clear which she used). BUT, in reading some comment responses on her blog post this morning, she says she used the instant kind, which probably accounts for the difference in sweetness.

So, if you want to use your nonfat dry stuff (good way to rotate it), you may want to up the sweetness just a little. Maybe I'll make up a batch with the instant stuff and have the hubs do a side-by-side comparison...

And because of the difference between the nonfat dry and the instant (one is approximately twice as "concentrated" as the other), if you use the nonfat dry, you can probably get away with making this up with water instead of milk. Will have to try that tonight.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix recipe

Oh, and if you've never visisted Mel's Kitchen Cafe, I highly recommend it - I get some of the greatest recipes from her site and not a single one has let me down yet!