What I'm Buying - Walmart 11/21

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
I had a few more things on my list for the big Thanksgiving meal and some other deals I wanted to get, so I figured it was best to just price match at Walmart rather than run to several different stores for the best prices. My local Walmart is AWESOME about price-matching! They make it so easy, and I've even had cashiers tell me of a price match that I didn't even know about. [I've shopped at other locations that are definitely not price-match friendly, so this has been a nice change for me.]

I also did this as a bit of a test - a great girl just up the road a ways from me runs a grocery site called "Deals to Meals" where she posts lists of all the grocery ads each week, ranks the best prices, and provides a 1-2 week dinner meal plan based on what's on sale that week. She even gives a grocery list that has the lowest price for each item and where to find it that week (or to price match at Walmart). She doesn't use coupons, but is still able to save a lot of money. So it's a great alternative for anyone who just doesn't want to hassle with coupons. I was able to get her 2-week Thanksgiving meal plan/grocery list and thought I would try it out. [Her service is normally $4.95/month.]

Here's what I picked up:

(2) lemons, price matched to .33 at Sunflower Market
(4) limes, price matched to .06 ea at Rancho Market
(1) cream of celery soup, price matched to .59 at Smith's
(10) roma tomatoes, price matched to .33/lb at Rancho Market
(3) green bell peppers, .58 ea (normal Walmart price)
(2) cilantro, price matched to .20 ea at Rancho Market
(12) tomatillos, price matched to .33/lb at Rancho Market
(2) 10lb bags russet potatoes, price matched to .13/lb at Fresh Market (Walmart did not carry the 15lb bags that Fresh Market has on sale, so they matched the per pound price - see, I told you these guys make it easy!)
(12) sweet potatoes, price matched to .39/lb at Reams
(6) yellow onions, price matched to .17/lb at Rancho Market
(1) pkg flour tortillas, 1.48 (normal Walmart price)
(1) bunch bananas, .52/lb (normal Walmart price)
(2) bags red seedless grapes, 1.18/lb (normal Walmart price)
(2) 18ct granola bars, 2.98 (normal Walmart price)
(1) sriracha hot sauce, 2.67 (normal Walmart price)
(1) wonton wrappers, 1.94 (normal Walmart price)
(1) GV white bread, 1.00 (normal Walmart price)
(1) loaf french bread, .98 (normal Walmart price)
(4) Meadow Gold whipping cream 8oz, price matched to .59 at Macey's
(2) GV whipped topping, price matched to .59 at Macey's
(1) Jiffy corn muffin mix, price matched to .50 at Ridley's
(2) refrig crescent rolls, price matched to .99 at Sunflower Market
(1) 2lb bag baby carrots, price matched to 1.98 at Fresh Market
(8) GV 1lb butter, price matched to 1.95 at Ridley's

I didn't use any coupons - just the price matching.

Total: $58.06

For me that is a very good total, especially not using coupons! This was all of the stuff for 2 weeks worth of dinners, except for Thanksgiving Day (had already bought that stuff earlier at Smith's) and except for the stuff I already had on hand and didn't need to buy.

That's such a far cry from my Walmart trip this same time 3 years ago, before I started couponing... ;)

I'm not endorsing the Deals to Meals site, nor being compensated, but just offering it as a possible alternative to coupons. If you'd like to check out her site, go HERE.