Gossner Foods UHT Shelf-Stable Milk - UPDATE

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A lot of people have asked about purchasing shelf-stable milk and whipping cream from Gossner Foods here in Utah. They used to have an online subsidiary that did orders, but that is no longer available. Here are the current ways you can get your hands on some of this stuff:

Visit the retail stores in Logan, UT or Heyburn, ID

Check with Honeyville Grains retail stores (if you live in AZ, UT or CA) - it doesn't show as a product on their website, but the retail store in Salt Lake carries them (Honeyville Food Products, Inc. at 635 N. Billy Mitchell Road).

Check your local Dollar Tree store - many locations in the mountain states have been carrying Gossner milk products recently

Check dollartree.com - when I checked this evening all I could find was the Hershey's boxed milk in chocolate and strawberry (I know Gossner Foods does produce some of the chocolate milk for the Hershey label, but I don't know if this particular stuff comes from Gossner or not)

Order from CampingSurvival.com, or Zuma Office Supply or other online providers

Order from Amazon:
whipping cream
whole milk 8oz

I haven't tried any of these except going to the actual retail store, so your success may vary. I will try to add additional sources when/if I find some.

My kids and husband love this stuff and all the different flavors! I love it because it works so well in my food storage, and I REALLY like having shelf-stable whipping cream that can be used in recipes at a moment's notice OR could be churned into butter (have you ever tried pricing the various food storage butter options - usually canned or powdered - SOOOO expensive!).