Royal Crest Camper 16-function Pocket Knife - 2.99!

Thursday, October 13, 2011
If you live in the south end of the valley, and have time to stop in at the Seagull Book location in The District shopping center, they have a TON of clearance and outlet deals.

Among them I found these little beauties:

Marked down from $14.95 to $2.99!

These are great to keep with your 72-hour kits and car kits. They are packaged in a small gray box, about 1x3x1 (at The District location they were on the first of the clearance table along the far wall of the store across from the entrance door, just left of the clothing, next to a pile of pashmina scarves).

Other Seagull Book locations may have some, but it you don't have a Seagull Book nearby, they are also available for that price online (althougth you'll have to pay shipping).

Royal Crest Camper 16-function Pocket Knife