The importance of shelter...

Thursday, October 27, 2011
The recent earthquake in Turkey has brought about a serious humanitarian crisis for many in that country - it is cold and wet, and many have been left homeless.

Article from Los Angeles Times

Tents and other forms of shelter are in very short supply. Aid is on its way, but it takes time.

Because Utah is in an earthquake zone, we could very easily face a similar situation here, especially were something to happen in the colder months of the year.

And keeping a tent around is not just for earthquake-prone zones. Tents would be very helpful for any situation in which your main residence could be damaged and unusable - hurricanes, tornados, etc.

I would highly recommend including a tent and sleeping bags in your emergency preparations. They don't have to be kept exclusively for emergencies - if you have some you use for camping, then you're good to go already. But if you don't have a tent or sleeping bags, put them on your list to purchase. It doesn't have to be anything fancy - they could even be used.

Try to store your tent and sleeping bags in an area of a carport, shed or garage that would be fairly easy to access were there to be structural damage to your home. Maybe even a front hall closet - somewhere that you could get to without too much trouble, even if you had to dig under a little bit of rubble to get to it. (A basement would not be an ideal place, because it could be rendered impossible to access.)

With the end of summer now, you might be able to find some great clearance deals in the store. A couple of years ago we were able to find a camping "bundle" that came with a 4-person tent, chairs, sleeping bags, mess kits and lantern all packed in a wheeled case. We do use it for camping, but we also consider it to be part of our emergency supplies, as well.

I can't find the same bundle we got, but here are some similar examples:

Ozark Trail Camping Value Bundle, at Walmart (free shipping)

Stansport 2-person Camp Set, at Walmart

Classic Series Camping Kit, at Cabela's