Dry-Pack Canning Update 1

Saturday, October 29, 2011
Well, the canner is set up, and we've filled 47 cans so far. That held 50lb steel cut oats, 25lb black beans, 25lb white beans, 100lb calrose rice, 65lb extra long-grain white rice and just under 2lb powdered sugar. Lids are going on, then they're taking a spin on the canner and we'll be done with the first batch...

You'd think that would be a lot, wouldn't you? But no, we had to go BACK to the home storage center today to get 70 (yes, you read that right) more cans...I had NO idea I had stockpiled so many loose packages of rice, sugar, flour, etc. downstairs that were waiting to be sealed in cans. It was a lot more than I first thought! (See, this is why I should be keeping a better inventory of what I actually have down there in my food storage...)