Don't Get the Wrong Idea!

Thursday, October 20, 2011
I was at lunch with some family this week, and one of them mentioned seeing some of my posts on Facebook about canning all the peaches and pears and other stuff. She asked what other kinds of things I had canned this summer and I went down the list. She seemed a little incredulous and commented, "Wow, how in the world do you fit all of that in? That's amazing!"

It's not the first time that I've gotten that type of reaction when I tell people about some of the stuff I do. However, every time, it makes me pause.

I think people get the wrong impression. They tend to think that I am some type of domestic goddess.

I must set the record straight - I AM NOT!!! In fact, I am so far from it that if you all knew the truth, you'd die laughing! :)

What you don't see in all those canning posts and pictures, is the mountain of laundry that didn't get done for nearly two weeks - we literally had no more clean clothes in the house and my son went to school in dirty, re-worn socks for two days because I still hadn't gotten around to laundry and he was totally out of socks (among other things).

What you don't see in all those posts and pictures is the disaster that is the rest of my house sometimes - my toilets haven't been cleaned in about a month. The upstairs shower was cleaned, oh, last year just after we moved in, and hasn't been touched since. And I haven't yet been brave enough to post pictures of the disastrous mess that is left in the kitchen AFTER the canning is done, and which my loving husband cleans up for me over the next several days (yes, it really takes that long sometimes).

What you don't see in all those posts and pictures is the bazillion boxes down in the basement that are still unpacked from our move - many of them have been opened and stuff is spread out ALL over the floors, and you can barely walk around downstairs without tripping over stuff, and it's impossible to find anything anymore.
We have a path cut to get to the food storage shelves, but that's about it.

What you don't see in those posts and pictures is that I'm posting them while sitting at my computer, in my pajamas, with no makeup, no hair done, and I probably haven't had a shower in a few days. ;)

The reality is that I don't always fit it all in - in fact, that's probably the case almost all of the time. I rarely have it all together. So no being jealous, okay? ;)


Tersa said...

With all we have to do, something always has to fall. I'd way rather accomplish the things I'm able to and have a messy house!

Candi said...

Yup, good point. Although I think my family would like me to at least make an attempt to keep up on the laundry, for all our sakes... ;)