What I'm Buying - Petersen Family Farm 8/25

Thursday, August 25, 2011
I haven't been posting my grocery purchases the last few weeks because, well, they haven't been all that exciting and I really haven't been doing much shopping quite frankly.

But I wanted to let you see what I picked up today. We have a local farm just two or three miles away, and we've had fun tasting some of their items from the local farmer's market on Saturday mornings. They also have a farm store that they operate on location Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm. I got on their mailing list two weeks ago after my first visit to their store. And I'm VERY glad that I did.

I've wanted to can salsa now for about two years, but have never gotten around to it. I was hoping I'd be able to at least make a small batch with my two tomato plants this year, but that hasn't exactly gone as planned. So when I saw the email from Petersen's this morning about a tomato sale, I figured there's no time like the present to dive into making salsa!

They are bursting at the seams with tomatoes, and need to move them quickly, so there are on sale! Here's what I picked up this morning:

(3) half-bushel boxes tomatoes, on sale $12 each (that's equal to or less than .60/lb)
(1) box pickling cucumbers, .99/lb so about $20 for the box
(2) pkg dried dill, $1.50 ea
(2) large yellow squash, .75/lb
(12) walla walla onions, I think 1.29/lb
(10) jalapeno peppers, I think 1.69/lb
(4) green bell peppers, .50 ea
(6) ears corn (picked this morning), .45 ea

Total: $68

All of the items are from this local farm except for the dill, which comes from a farm in West Jordan, and the onions, which came from a farm in the Layton area I believe.

I'm excited to try out some salsa and other tomato recipes this weekend - wish me luck! I may have taken on more than I can tackle!!! (Oh, and did I mention I bought two flats of raspberries yesterday that ALSO needed to be canned this weekend? Egads!)


apple said...

Do you know if their tomatoes are organic? I'd love to buy some and make salsa but I need a pesticide and fertilizer free batch of tomatoes.

Candi said...

I don't know. They aren't advertised as such, but that doesn't mean they aren't, just that they aren't certified. Give Luke a call at 801-440-4004, he'll know.

Candi said...

Or send an email: