It's Pickling Time!

Monday, August 8, 2011
Here's what I worked on this weekend:

They must not have turned out too bad because two entire jars are already gone (I made them Saturday night). :)

I had hoped to be able to use some of the pickling cucumbers from my little plant outside, but we had some really strong windstorms a month or so ago, and both of my cucumber plants were damaged. I lost 2/3 of the big bush plant when the stalks snapped just above the ground on two of the three main vines. GRRR!!! The remaining stalk has produced two pickles...and one was picked a bit too early by an overly enthusiatic helper who was all too excited to show mommy what she found growing in the "garden". Ha ha!

Apparently I'm not the only one who had problems with pickling cucumbers this year. We have a family-run farm a mile or two down the road, and they have a farmstand open every day where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables that have just been picked. I went in on Saturday to get some corn and squash and asked them about their pickling cucumbers, but they said they have been so popular this year that there is a wait list of 3 weeks to get a small box worth! Apparently a lot of people experience problems with them in their gardens this year. So, I had to use regular cucmbers, (and also tried out a seedless Japanese variety), but that's okay because they turned out just fine.

I also canned 9 jars of strawberry jam on Friday night, but forgot to take a picture before they were taken downstairs on Saturday to be put away...