Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
We went to the local farmer's market this weekend and were able to pick up a few things from a local farmer. It was towards closing time for the market, and he had a HUGE box of dried corn cobs leftover. I asked what they were for, and he said they were for popcorn! We bought cucumbers and potatoes, and he threw in some popcorn cobs for our two kids for free. We went home and made homemade microwave popcorn and were very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make and how good it tasted.

Here's what you'll need:

- paper lunch sack
- stapler (trust me on this one)
- popcorn cob OR 1/4 cup loose popcorn
- butter or olive oil (2 tsp if using loose popcorn)
- salt

If using a popcorn cob, slather it with butter just like you would an ear of corn on the cob. Place buttered cob in sack.

If using loose popcorn, add popcorn and butter or olive oil to sack and shake to coat.

Fold sack over at top and staple (once or twice). STAPLES WILL NOT HARM YOUR MICROWAVE. No sparks involved folks - I promise.

Place sack in microwave and set timer for 2-3 minutes. Listen as corn pops, and pull the sack out when kernal pops begin to slow down (several seconds between pops). (I pulled mine out at about 1 minute 50 seconds, and it was a tiny tiny bit burnt.) Trust me, you do not want to let the popcorn go too long or it will burn, and NO ONE likes burnt popcorn (plus it takes weeks to get the smell out of your house)...

Remove sack from microwave, open carefully, add salt and shake to coat.

You can also add other seasonings if you like (seasoned salt, garlic salt, cajun spice mix, etc.).

Pour popcorn into a serving bowl or enjoy it right out of the sack!