Food Storage Yogurt

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Think you can't have yogurt with your food storage? Think again!

It is easy to make homemade yogurt, and you can even make it with the powdered milk in your food storage! Fresh milk is not needed.

Check out the instructions and video from Crystal at

I'm making a double batch with fresh milk today because I have a gallon in my fridge that is close to expiring. But even with the fresh milk, I'm adding powdered milk for more milk fats (makes the yogurt thicker). I've done the stovetop/cooler version before, and this time I'm trying the crock pot, which I think will end up being a bit easier.

I'm debating adding some dehydrated strawberries to the yogurt for extra fruit (I'm going to add some of my canned strawberry syrup to flavor some of the yogurt so it's not plain for the kids). And then some of the yogurt will be used to make yogurt cheese.

Uses for yogurt cheese

My next yogurt experiment will be to make soy yogurt (for the non-dairy youngster) from soy milk. I've heard it works just like the dairy-based stuff above, so wish me luck! And I've also got some peanuts that need to be used, so we're breaking out the blender and making homemade peanut butter! :)