Foods with Long Expiration Dates

Friday, July 29, 2011
From a Yahoo! News article today:

Foods with the Longest Expiration Dates

Murray Cannery - Help Needed

Monday, July 18, 2011
From the Murray UT Cannery:

We are in need of volunteers to help with our welfare assignment Tuesday July 19th and Wednesday July 20th. We are harvesting peas. The shifts are 3 ½ hours.

There are 3 shifts available
· 7:30am - 11:00am
· 10:30am – 2:00pm
· 1:30pm-5:00pm

Those of you that work will be able to purchase WHILE SUPPLIES LAST:

2 cases maximum
· Beef Chunks $ 79.20
· Pork Chunks $ 57.60
· Chicken Chunks $ 46.80
· Ground Beef $ 63.60

Click on the link below to see the signup sheet and to schedule a shift:

What I'm Buying - Harmons 7/13

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Found just a few items I wanted at Harmon's this week.  Here is what I picked up:

(14) Kraft HandiSnak 4ct pudding, on sale .79
(10) Mrs. Cubbison's croutons, on sale 1.00 (except 1 rang up at 1.50)
(2) Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips, on sale 2.00

No coupons used.

Total:  $25.91

What I'm Buying - Ream's 7/13

There has been a serious derth of good produce prices at my closest grocery store lately.  Sometimes I have price-matched other ads at Walmart for produce, which is okay, but I have found the quality of the produce at Walmart to be not quite on par with some of the stuff I can get elsewhere.  Since I was out and about yesterday, I figured it was better to just go straight to the source this week, so off to Ream's we went. 

(1) Dole spinach, on sale 1.29
(2) strawberries 2lb pkg, on sale 2.99
(3) bunches bananas, .59/lb
(1) pkg sliced white mushrooms, on sale 1.99
(4) green leaf lettuce, on sale .79 ea
(4) lbs roma tomatoes, on sale .79/lb

No coupons used. 

Total:  $19.24

What I'm Buying - Smiths 7/13

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
It's another Mega Event sale at Smith's this week. This time it's a "Buy 10 items, Get $5 off" deal. I got some good deals and felt like I found a little bit of my missing coupon mojo...

Here's what I picked up:

(2) Tide Coldwater Free HE detergent, on sale 5.99 (2.99 after coupon)
(5) Dannon Danonino yogurt 6ct, on sale 1.88 (.88 after coupon)
(1) Nature's Bounty Vitamin D, on sale 8.79 (6.79 after coupon)
(26) Kraft EasyMac cups, on sale .99 (.49 after promo)
(2) Silk PureAlmond milk, on sale 2.99 (2.49 after promo, 1.49 after coupon)
(8) Classico pasta sauce, on sale 2.29 (1.79 after promo, 1.29 after coupon)
(6) Pringles, on sale 1.49 (.99 after promo, .66 after coupon)
(4) PopSecret 3ct, on sale 1.49 (.99 after promo, .74 after coupon)
(3) Philadelphia cream cheese, on sale 1.49 (.99 after promo)
(1) SunnyD, on sale 1.49 (.99 after promo, .74 after coupon)

I used (2) 3.00/1 coupons for the detergent [from a coupon booklet that came with a previous purchase], (5) 1.00/1 coupons for the yogurt [see SS-6/5], (1) 2.00/1 e-coupon for the vitamins [see Smith's website], (2) 1.00/1 coupons for the almond milk [see SS-7/10], (4) 1.00/2 coupons for the pasta sauce [see SS-5/15], (2) 1.00/3 coupons for the Pringles [see RP-6/26], (2) .50/2 coupons for the popcorn [see RP-6/19] and (1) .25/1 coupon for the SunnyD [see SS-5/15].

I also used (1) 3.00 Catalina coupon from last week, (1) 3.50 Catalina coupon from last week, and (1) 5.00 cash card from the Kellogg's Cereal Cars 2 promotion.

Total: $45.59 + got (2) $1 Catalina coupons good off my next purchase (from the Classico purchase)

I really wanted some of the Tide StainRelease that is on sale this week, but my store was completely out. So, I stopped in at a Smith's Marketplace and found what I needed:

(2) Tide Coldwater Free HE detergent, on sale 5.99 (2.99 after coupon)
(4) Tide StainRelease, on sale 5.99 (2.99 after coupon)
(4) Tide StainRelease Free 18ct, on sale 5.99 (2.99 after coupon)

I used (2) 3.00/1 coupons for the Tide [from a coupon booklet in a previous purchase], (4) 3.00/1 coupons for the StainRelease [see P&G-6/5], and (4) 3.00/1 coupons for the StainRelease Free [from a coupon booklet in a previous purchase].

Total: $33.50

Bahn-Mi Wraps (and Gluten-Free Alternative)

Monday, July 11, 2011
I saw an episode of Aarti Party on Food Network this weekend and she was making Bahn-mi wraps that looked SO good! (She has given instructions for making it gluten-free as well.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to my sick bed, pull the covers over my head and try to pretend that this isn't the SECOND time in 5 weeks that I've gotten horribly sick...with the SAME cold! Grrr...

Essential Food Storage: Vitamins and Medicines

Thursday, July 7, 2011

When putting together your food storage, don't forget about some of the "non-food" items that are also important to keep onhand.

Medications are probably near the to of that list. You probably won't be able to store a year's worth of prescription medicines, but you can easily put in a few months worth of vitamins and basic over-the-counter medications like pain relievers and cough syrups. Most of us have probably had an experience where we (or a child or spouse) ended up sick and when we went to get the medicine from the cupboard we were all out - NO FUN!

Because vitamins and medications have expirations on their potency/effectiveness (the compounds begin to break down over time), you will need to be fairly diligent in rotating these. Don't stock more than you could reasonably use in 6-12 months, otherwise it will go to waste. But do try to keep a bottle or two extra on-hand. I find it easiest to write the expiration date on the outside of the bottle or package in permanent marker so it is easily visible. When I go to get a bottle or package out of storage, I always look for the oldest one to use first. And about once a year I try to go through and weed out any that have gone past their expiration date.

As a general rule, you'll want to store vitamins and medications away from your regular food, and preferably behind a locked door or cupboard if there are children in your home.