What I'm Buying - Smith's 6/22

Thursday, June 23, 2011
This was my second trip to Smith's during this particular sale. But because of the crazy stuff going on around here the last few weeks, I'm not sure I even remembered to take a picture of the first one, or if I did, it's probably on the laptop which died a very grisly death...boo...

Anyway, it wasn't a big trip, just wanted to grab a few more things from the sale before it ended, but good news, the cereal deals go on for another week!

Here's what I picked up:

(1) Cottonelle bath tissue 12 big rolls, on sale 5.99 (4.99 after promo)
(4) Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch cereal, on sale 2.49 (1.49 after promo, .99 after coupon)
(2) Challenge butter, on sale 1.99 (.99 after coupon)
(4) Gobstoppers candy, on sale 1.00 (to save my sanity after shopping all day with two kids)
(3) Wheat Thins Stix, on sale 1.67 (.67 after coupon)
(8) Nabisco Snak Saks cookies, on sale 1.00 (.50 after coupon)

I used (2) 1.00/2 coupons for the cereal [see RP-5/15 or RP-6/12], (2) 1.00/1 printable coupons for the butter [Facebook coupon], (3) 1.00/1 coupons for the crackers [see SS-4/17, expires 6-26-11] and (4) 1.00/2 coupons for the cookies [see SS-6/19].

Total: $22.08