My "Garden" Update

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
There are a few new additions to my make-shift "garden"...

My indoor herbs have gone the way of the dodo bird...except for the rosemary and sage plants that are somehow still hanging on by a thread. I think there just wasn't enough sunlight where they were sitting, so I thought maybe we'd try a few outside and see if they do any better. So far, so good.

We bought some of the rectangular "window box" type planters at Walmart and then found some window box supports as well, so we decided to put the planters on the railing of our deck - easier to monitor and water, and less likely that kids will knock them over or step on them.

We ended up getting two - one for herbs and one for peppers/cucumbers.

Here's the herb planter:

(from left to right: cilantro, German thyme, rosemary, dill)

Next the peppers and cucumbers:

(from left to right: cubanelle [sweet] peppers, jalapeno peppers, burpless cucumbers [non-bush kind])

I have managed to keep the tomato and cucumber plants alive - so far. Here's proof:

(Early-Girl tomatoes)

(burpless bush cucumbers)

(Roma tomatoes)