What I'm Buying - The Fruit Guy 5/11

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
We've been out of the "good stuff" for several weeks now. To tide us over, I bought some Pink Lady and Braeburn apples two weeks ago at Ream's. Now, I love Ream's, and they usually have great produce. But these apples, not so good...

I happened to see on Facebook this morning that the Fruit Guy was in town this week. I gave him a call and literally within 10 minutes he was at my door! They didn't have potatoes or Granny Smith's this time around, but that's okay. We'll just have to feast on navel oranges and Fuji apples!

This is 3/4 bushel (minus 3 oranges and 1 apple that have already been eaten this morning), split between oranges and apples.

Total: $29.00

This may seem like a lot for some fruit, but trust me, it is TOTALLY worth it! It is amazing stuff, it is brought to my door, and I know exactly where it is from and where it has been because I know the vendor and get to talk with him directly. LOVE IT!!!

While I love getting cheap deals, sometimes it is worth it to pay full price for quality. Using coupons is a great way to save money, but don't get trapped into thinking that you can only buy stuff you have coupons for, or that you must get everything at a discount and you're some kind of failure if you don't. It's okay to splurge sometimes or for the right reasons.